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Bloons Tower Defense 5

Bloons Tower Defense 5 is The best tower defense game in the world! Bloons TD5 has awesome new features including all your favourite towers from BTD4 with 8 awesome upgrades each instead of 4,and two brand new never before seen tower types.
Use the towers brand-new and unbelievably cool ‘Super Activated Abilities’ to lay waste to the endless swarms of Bloons. You’ll need all the firepower you can get to combat the new Bloon types and fun new tracks with moving parts and tunnels.
Use your computer mouse to play game.

Bloons Tower Defense (All Versions)

Bloons Tower Defense is a popular flash game that has been evolving for quite some time. The first version became so popular that fans of the game began demanding a sequel. Ninja Kiwi, the creator of the hit game responded. Today, you will find many versions of the Bloons Tower Defense 5 Game, numbered one through five.

Bloons Tower Defense has you playing as a monkey where you have to pop as many bloons as possible. Depending on the version you play, you will either be shooting the bloons down yourself or setting up towers where the monkeys will shoot the bloons down based upon where you set them.
There are many upgrades with different bloon types, different tracks, Special Agent Towers, Special Missions and much more.

How the Game is Played

Once you choose which game you want to play, you will read the simple online instructions provided. You will then place towers throughout the board that are responsible for shooting down bloons (or balloons). Depending upon the mode you select, you will be shooting tacks, stones or some other object in order to pop the balloon.

As you gain more points, you have the ability to upgrade to better towers so that you have a better chance of shooting down all of the bloons. This game can become quickly addicting because of the desire to pop as many bloons as possible.

There are various modes that you can select: beginner, intermediate and advanced. This will determine what tools you have as well as the amount of controls that you have.

You can control the entire game with your mouse. You will click to either place the towers on the game board or you will be able to control your cursor in order to fire up at the bloons.

Tips & Tricks

The only way to access all of the special upgrades are with more points. Save up your points to be able to upgrade to either an increased shooting radius or to a better dart. Remember that some bloons are harder to shoot down than others, so you will need something stronger to pierce the balloon.

Work towards unlocking fast-track mode, which costs 3,000 Monkey Money. This will allow you to use your bloon popping time more efficiently. It will let you skip earlier rounds and go into Round 26.

Defend the front entrance of the path. This is where you want to put the most monkeys. Arm them with piercing darts and long range darts. As long as the bulk of your monkeys are by the entrance and no further than the first turn, then none of the bloons should be able to get past.

You may also want to save up for a Super Monkey so that you can enjoy an even better game.

Getting Started

The website is completely free, allowing you to try all of the versions of Bloons Tower Defense to see which one you like better. You don’t need any special equipment or software to play the game. Simply open up your browser, select which version you want to play and start watching the monkeys go to town on the different bloons.

This is one of the more strategic flash games that you will find on the Internet. Some people like Bloons Tower Defense 1 this best while others prefer 4 or 5. You will have to play them all in order to decide which one you like the best.

Once you get playing the game, go ahead and “like” the website and share it with all of your friends. You will be able to track your progress with various accomplishments and levels, allowing you to compare your skills to your friends’ skills.